Le petit geomotorcycletour

Just a few days ago I have gotten my bike and today was the perfect opportunity to take it our for geocaching. The plan was to do the “Power Trail fra Vestskoven” and then get an ice cream in Roskilde. It all started out quite well but after we had successfully found caches 1 through 13 we failed on 14, 15 and 16. At this point we gave up on the PTV for the time being. We had also gotten tired of the hopping on and off off the bike at this point so we continued to Roskilde where we found a few more caches. Thanks for the power trail and all the other caches. We enjoyed finding them, despite our giving up on the trail 😉

  1. GC2RJXZ – PTV#01 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  2. GC2RK3H – PTV#02 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  3. GC2RK52 – PTV#03 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  4. GC2RMFF – PTV#04 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  5. GC2RMJ7 – PTV#05 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  6. GC2RMJV – PTV#06 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  7. GC2RMKC – PTV#07 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  8. GC2RMKE – PTV#08 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  9. GC2RMKH – PTV#09 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  10. GC2RMKJ – PTV#10 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  11. GC2RMKQ – PTV#11 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  12. GC2WPYD – PTV#12 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  13. GC2RMKW – PTV#13 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  14. GC2RMKY (not found) – PTV#14 – Power Trail fra Vestskoven
  15. GC3804F – 2. søndag i Advent 2011
    Here we meat Bygja, another geocacher. We talked a little bit and he suggested that we should have a look at Roskilde Miniby. The cache was found in the usual spot (for bridges of this type) after we had searched every where else fist. Well, we should have known better.
  16. GC2K7JD – 3. søndag i Advent 2010
    No Magnet, no hook and still the cache stays in place. Just as if the tree know that this would one day be its purpose. 
  17. GC3D65A – Roskilde Domkirke
    Thanks for showing us around the dom. All was easy to solve, except we looked for a long time for any STAIRS on top or the dome at the final stage. After we wondered enough what type of stair should be visible from this distance we counted the stars as asked.  
  18. GC2D05K (not found) – Roskilde Miniby
    Climbed up and down, left to right but could not find it.
    Thanks for showing us the little city in the little city. Looking at the pictures we have not climbed high enough in the tree, even tough we spent at least 10 minutes between the branches trying to see the cache. 
  19. GCC92E – A walk in the Park… – Kongie #46
    This cache has been hidden in January 2003 so it looks rally good in my statistics as it fills one of the months in 2003 that are still missing. Else its just another cache in nature.

Thanks to all the cache owners for showing me these nice places.

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