Cachen auf Dänisch (Caching in Danish)

Today I had one of my nicer caching experiences. I was just playing around with GSAK when I found a cache (GC3JCH9) near by that had zero finds. So I dropped every thing, got on my bike and went to find . After a few short minutes searching I discovered a few things. First, someone else had already found the cache and there were a few muggels getting interested in what I was doing. At this point I decided to leave the cache for later. But, as chance wanted it a fellow cacher (LECHEF69) appeared and we gave it another go, sadly, with no success. But here comes the happy “ending”, even though it was just the beginning of a great caching day.

LECHEF69 invited me to join him and some of his friends for tapas and then some geocaching. After we had enjoyed the great food – thanks for that – we got on our way. Together with Mismus, Lechef, Elmbaek, OZ2CPU, Lady-bugs and mini-bugs there was no problem finding any of the following caches.

  1. GC3Y0X – a great place to start as it gives you – as the name promises – a great overview of the terrain.
  2. GC136H9 – This series is great if you wan’t to learn something about Københavns befæstning.
  3. GC22TN7
  4. GC37ZQX – When approaching this cache from GC22TN7 you should be aware of the electric fences in the way. The last one we had to cross got me pretty good. So one pice of advice, don’t touch the electric wire with your back while having your lag against another part of the fence, it will hurt twice!
    Regarding the cache itself it was really nicely hidden, but we had the advantage of big numbers. (+1)
  5. GC22TME
  6. GC3H3RY
  7. GC30DDQ
  8. GC3HT8R
  9. GC3FCME – After a little bit of searching we had a look at the previous logs and nearly decided that it would be lost. But in the end we locked at it from the right angel and managed to find it. But we did not really need any tools as suggested in the cache attributes.
Thanks for all the caches and the good company. It was a great caching day.

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