Day 1: Berlin – Fürstenberg, 18th of June 2011

The time had passed way too fast and as we finally made our departure, it was one minute past mid day. The first 8.6km of our way passed without any incidents and we arrived at the platform for the local train that would do us the favor and effortlessly bring us out of the city. Upon arrival in Oranienburg, Brandenburg at 14:15h, the sky was getting rather clouded. But that would not keep us from our planned treasure hunt.

We set course for the first cache of the list, Lehnitzsee (GC2QK4T). This turned out to be a nice tour along one side of the lake making us read some of the information boards along the way that would else have been passed unnoticed. All in all, a nice start for our tour, only the Mosquitoes guarding the final hiding place were a little distressing. When we had returned the cache, there was little doubt that we would soon get some rain. Determined to get going we ignored the signs and got on our way.

After a refreshing shower (and the first of many statements that the money invested in good rain clothes was well spent), we approached Brücke über den Oder-Havel-Kanal (GC1CJ26). Unfortunately for us, this cache prooved to be our first disappointment of the trip. Regardless of the time we spent searching for the hiding place, there was no finding it – though part of the reason was likely that we used the wrong cache description in the beginning, which consequently held a (so we assume) misleading hint.

Goldenes Tor (GC2HHRV) proved to be an interesting place, sadly we did not get lucky here. First we spend to much time looking around and when we finally started really searching for the cache we had to hurry, there was still some distance to cover today.

Escaping Tree close to “Goldenes Tor (GC2HHRV)

As we abandoned our search, the time was already very advanced and we had to pass most of the caches we had wanted to visit without so much as looking at them. The only caches we attempted to find were Brücke über die Schnelle Havel (GC1J6JB) and Stellwerk Fürstenberg/Havel (GC27QJ5). The first was easy to find, as we had read the description many times. The second eluded us that night, but as it was close to our accommodation for the night, we put it on the list for the second day that would hopefully turn out to be more productive from a geocaching point of view. Two caches for a total of nearly 90km just did not seem fair.

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