Caching in Copenhagen

Today we  have been roaming through copenhagen and found some nice places. The following caches composed our tour.

  1. GC2YFV3 – Faste Batteri (Amagerbanen #2)
    This one was quite nicely hidden. But the lit gave it away.  
  2. GC3FR33 – Amagerbanen #1
    I have been waiting here for quite some time before my caching companion showed up (in fact she had been waiting at GC2YFV3). Only once she got here we looked where I had expected to find the cache all allong but had been to lazy to look. 
  3. GC38PTV – Parkerings Projektet
    About 20 years ago, when I was but 10, my dad told me that garages would in future look like this one here. I am happy that he was right – and even more that these where not the first garages of this kind I have seen, as they become more and more common. I am just wondering if they will ever be able to also store motorbikes at some time. 
  4. GCNWFC – AMF #1 Junglen
    The name is Program. Apart from some noise from the road and from the near by airfield (for model plains) we could only hear the impact of our hands smashing jet another mosquito.
  5. GCNXXF – Plysdyr 2
    That was an unexpected find. I have long since given up the hope to find a desent sized cache container in Copenhagen and than this. This is just a huge container and we enjoyed going through its content. We are going to help three GC’s/TB’s on there way and left a TB and a GC instead. 
  6. GC2X8RZ – Rollespil – Battle (Camino #5)
    We had just had a small lunch brake at the close by airfield (for model plains) and that was a good thing too. When we where approaching the location of this cache there was an entire devision of Kids disembarking the battle zone on there two welled horses (must have been something like 100 kids with a bunch of teachers – they actually left in four waves!).
  7. GC2PQYE – Broer – Pontiff (Camino #4)
    Caching at bridges mans looking at one spot first and sure enough, no surprise here, thats where the cache was located. 
  8. GCX8FQ – Knowledge
    Ok, this is a little bit embarrassing, but I have gotten all mixed up in the cache description and would likely not have finished this one on my own. But, since I had a second brain with me all problems have been solved and the cache found. The only thing we did not see is the neon sign – unless of cause the writing on the container at the original coordinates was meant – but that hat nothing to do with knowledge!
  9. GC2J68V – Olsenbanden på sporet (Amagerbanen #3)
    Ok, I did like the save that was the container, but i think this cache should NOT have the attribute KID FRIENDLY. We found a few injection needles around here and I would not want any kid to pick them up!
  10. GC2H18V – Bomhuset – No train (Amagerbanen #4)
    This was a nice one, I really liked the pencil “inside” the cache – but it was hard to write with it! 
  11. GC3J2E1 – Genbrugsstationen
    Found in 0.05 sec. 😉
  12. GC2HC21 – Reklamer / No advertising (Amagerbanen #5)
    No need for any stairs. Instead we finally got to once more (to be more precise only for the second time) use our telescope magnet. 
  13. GC37EXQ – Maskinfabrikken
  14. GC33AFE – Jesper Klein – Lizzies Plads (Metro #6)
    Good thing our GPS send us about to the right locations. It saved us having to look into to many pipes. 
  15. GC3BFX8 – Stadsgraven
    This one was just on the way back to my bike so I had to sign the little book and through this find just one more cache.

Thanks to all the cache owners who made today possible.  

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