Disc Golf meets geocaching!

Today some friends and I meat to play some Disc Golf and find a few geocaches. Disc Golf relay is a fun sport and a good reason to stay outside all day, a little bit like geocaching. If you have an afternoon you should give it a try. To get a bit of a distraction in between we also went ahead and found a few caches.

  1. GC2JEZ9 – I guess I have to come back in a few days, once the roses are blooming.
  2. GC1H354 – This was a nice find, after climbing this – for danish standards 😉 – mountain.
  3. GC1B2DP – A 2 second cache
  4. GC2TPQY – This blue gas tank is huge, and I mean really huge!!!
  5. GC1W252 – Oh, this is a nice one. We had quite a bit of a problem to get to the cache. We only found the “tool” to get to the cache while we got it out on alternative route.
  6. GC2JEYC – Hm, I am really not a fan of caches on a playground. Well, logged it anyway in a quiet moment.
  7. GC2QWP1 – Interesting tree growth pattern.

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