A real nice hiding place.

Today I have tried to find a few caches. But in the end there are only three to talk about. The first two where easy finds but the third one, well, I didn’t even get to really search. But lets start at the beginning.

GC167KK – TB – Schlosshotel Rasthof Stillhorn Ost

This cache got my attention because of its many Favorites Points. Out of 2.597 finds the cache has a total of 734 Favorites Points. The cache was easy to find but I had my problems opening it. I was looking for a Key-Box that would contain the needed Key. I even looked at the needed informations but I was set on finding a 3D-Box.

In any case it was a great cache and well worth the travel to get there. Below are a few images but some may well be considered spoilers!


Well thats just what he was, cache GCG47J, just another number in the statistics.

GC157TQ – Penuts

I went here because of the name and the size if the cache but I never got to see it. When I first approached the bridge there was another person on it. Sadly he turned out to be a photo-muggel and not a fellow cacher.In any case, while I was walking a bit in the area to give him time to move on I noticed a person at either end of the bridge that was sitting in a car. I waited around the corner for some time but they just would not leave. In the end it was to cold and I left the area without actually looking for the cache.


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